Doug Gregory

Vice President

When Doug Gregory joined Van Scoyoc Associates in 2007, he brought with him 36 years of experience working with Members and staff of the House of Representatives, including many years with the powerful House Appropriations Committee and its Defense Subcommittee.

Few people have deeper relationships in Congress or a truer sense of the United States’ Legislative Branch than Mr. Gregory.

“The best thing I bring to the table for a client is knowledge of how Congress really works.  Basically I’ve spent most of my adult life working there,” Mr. Gregory said.

Mr. Gregory first came to Washington after graduating from Florida State University in 1970 to become the youngest Chief of Staff in the House of Representatives.  When he left Congress to become a Vice President at Van Scoyoc Associates, he’d spent the last 36 years in increasingly powerful roles on the Hill.

He first served on the Congressional staff of Rep. C.W. Bill Young, and then as the Congressman moved up in seniority and eventually became Chairman of the vital Appropriations Committee, Mr. Gregory migrated to the staff of the Appropriations Committee and its Defense Subcommittee, where he worked in various senior positions.

For his final 12 years on the Hill, Mr. Gregory was the principal professional staff member responsible for appropriations for the Special Operations Command, drug interdiction and counter-drug activities, and procurement of equipment for the National Guard and Reserve.  Some of the U.S. military’s most important classified projects were entrusted to Mr. Gregory.

His signature service in military affairs has been repeatedly recognized.  The Commander of Special Operations presented him with the United States Special Operations Command Medal; the Secretary of the Navy awarded him the Distinguished Public Service Award, and the Comptroller of the Department of Defense named him recipient of the Under Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence.

Since arriving at Van Scoyoc Associates, Mr. Gregory has continued his efforts in military affairs, representing large companies in the aerospace, ship building, and unmanned air vehicles industries, as well as smaller defense contractors with technological niches.  His practice has expanded into related areas as well.

A native of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mr. Gregory attended St. Petersburg College before earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from FSU.