M. Jeff Hamond

Vice President

Jeff Hamond is a Vice President at Van Scoyoc Associates specializing in taxation, economic policy, and philanthropic issues. He leads the Philanthropy Practice at Van Scoyoc Associates, where he is working to help private and community foundations communicate with policymakers about the work that they do. For example, it was under his direction that the firm created the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative, a coalition of more than 100 community foundations nationwide that is helping Members of Congress and their staffs understand the work of community foundations, and how they are different from private foundations. He joins the firm following a distinguished 12-year career on Capitol Hill as the top economic policy advisor to three U.S. Senators.

Until August 2011, Mr. Hamond served as Economic Policy Director for Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate and a member of the Finance, Banking, and Judiciary Committees.  He joined the Schumer office in 2005, shortly after the Senator was appointed to the Finance Committee.  Prior posts include Senior Legislative Assistant for Economic and Tax Policy for Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Legislative Assistant for Economic Policy for former Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind.

“Jeff is well-respected on both sides of the aisle.  Congressional staff know that a meeting with him will be a good meeting, because Jeff understands and discusses not only his clients’ needs, but he also comes prepared to talk about all sides of an issue and how both his client and the Congressional office can benefit from a deeper relationship.”
– Douglas Kridler, President & CEO, The Columbus Foundation

Mr. Hamond also spent time researching and writing about policy at two well-regarded nonprofits.  At Redefining Progress, an organization in San Francisco dedicated to changing how the nation thinks about economic growth, Mr. Hamond directed a program based on environmental tax reform.  The Progressive Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. was his home for developing centrist economic policy ideas, some of which were adopted by the Clinton Administration in the mid-1990s.

During his tenure on Capitol Hill, Mr. Hamond played a key role in developing a number of economic initiatives, including the HIRE Act (passed on a bipartisan basis in 2010 to encourage the hiring of unemployed workers); the American Opportunity Tax Credit (included in the stimulus package in 2009); the “Cash for Clunkers” program; various efforts to call attention to China’s unfair trade practices; the expansion of tax-free benefits for transit users; marriage penality relief; and an array of legislative initiatives to benefit the charity and foundation sectors.  His work with charities, nonprofits, and foundations of all types helped Sen. Schumer earn the recognition that led to his being named the co-chair of the Senate Philanthropy Caucus in 2008.

“Jeff Hamond is an effective advocate for the power of philanthropy in America.  In particular, Jeff has studied the role of community foundations attentively and responsively.  He has proved himself to be a smart, dedicated strategist for building awareness of their value, demonstrating that he also knows how best to connect with key policymakers and thought leaders in order to get things done.”
– Brent Christopher, President & CEO, Communities Foundation of Texas

In addition to designing legislation, Mr. Hamond is equally skilled in the public relations and communications functions considered vital for both the private and public sectors to mobilize public opinion and achieve high-quality results in Washington. When it comes to the important work of philanthropy, Mr. Hamond is working to help more foundations understand that it isn’t lobbying to talk about what you do; it should be part of the foundation’s communications and messaging strategy.  Any foundation – private, community, corporate – that has as part of its mission to move the needle on public policy should be engaged with Members of Congress, their staffs, and others who have an influence over policy development.

Mr. Hamond’s accomplishments include authoring policy studies, reports, and articles targeted at both expert audiences and the general population, and he has published a number of op-eds in prominent newspapers in both his and others’ names.  Having worked for over a decade advising Senators, staff, and constituents on how to create and refine their messages, Mr. Hamond has broad expertise in helping various constituencies implement the most appropriate tools and strategies for success.  Policy creativity is his specialty.  He is an innovative thinker who has often devised alternative policy solutions for stalled initiatives.

Mr. Hamond earned a Bachelor of Arts in Quantitative Economics, cum laude, at Tufts University, then went on to obtain a Master in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

“I have been very impressed by Jeff’s access to Congressional leaders and their staffs, and the astute way he positions community foundations and the work they do.”
– Alicia Philipp, President, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta