About Van Scoyoc Associates

Our offices at 101 Constitution Ave.Van Scoyoc Associates Inc. is a full-service Federal Government affairs firm located at the base of Capitol Hill. Started in 1990 with just a handful of clients, VSA is now the foremost independent lobbying firm in Washington, D.C.

VSA is proud to represent dozens of local governments, companies, philanthropic organizations, schools, universities, and research consortia across the United States and abroad. The company’s focus is always its clients’ interests.

H. Stewart “Stu” Van Scoyoc, the company’s founder and continuing President, first came to Washington on a temporary assignment in the 1970s as an attorney for the Dupont Company. As so many others, he found a home in the Nation’s Capital, and he decided to make government affairs his life’s work.

VSA itself was founded “with three employees, eight clients, and a 5-pound cell phone,” as Mr. Van Scoyoc likes to say. It is emblematic of the firm that all three of his original employees remain with the company today.

The firm has always been consciously bipartisan.  That commitment makes VSA unusually effective today, when politics are more polarized than ever. Republicans and Democrats in roughly equal numbers make up the staff. With strong ties across party lines, both in Congress and the Executive Branch, VSA finds creative solutions to problems others deem intractable.

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Success has allowed VSA to continue growing at a measured pace, but the company has worked hard to stay true to its founding principles. One of those is the realization that a government affairs company is no better than the people it hires.

VSA has always hired the best people, provided them with the best resources, and then expected results. The idea is to encourage innovation and preserve as much freedom as possible for both clients and staff, while providing the strongest possible advocacy.

VSA provides the human touch of a small entrepreneurial firm by assigning specific principals and staff to each client. We avoid hourly fees that might impede regular two-way communication with clients.

Today, approximately 80 professionals work for VSA, including more than 30 principals. These talented people represent hundreds of years of experience in the hard work of government, serving in senior staff positions on Capitol Hill, with various Administrations, or in the Federal bureaucracy. VSA employees are hired for their skill, knowledge, and contacts, not the size of the headlines they have generated.

VSA’s original specialties were appropriations and taxation, but the firm quickly developed practices in more than 20 different areas, ranging from agriculture to water resources. In another section of this Web site, many of those practice areas are explained in more detail. But regardless of what issue or opportunity brings a client to Washington, VSA has the people and resources to help that client succeed.

Such institutional capacity is necessary today, when Federal Government affairs are more complicated than ever.  A successful government relations campaign often requires effort across a wide front and entails much more than shepherding a request through Congress. VSA principals are as skilled in dealing with authorizations as with appropriations, with the Executive Branch as with the Congress, and with all the Government’s many agencies and initiatives.

In 2000, Mr. Van Scoyoc also created the boutique lobbying firm, Capitol Decisions Inc., to provide government relations and public affairs counseling in health care, grassroots advocacy, energy, and community development.

In today’s political atmosphere, any company offering Washington representation should be above reproach. Van Scoyoc Associates and Capitol Decisions Inc. will always represent clients in a dignified and ethical manner. VSA and its sister firm strictly abide by the provisions of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 and other regulations, including prohibitions on gifts, meals, and travel for elected officials and staff.