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About the Firm

For 30 years, Van Scoyoc Associates (VSA) has been developing and executing tailored government affairs strategies for its clients. With a deep bench of policy experts, a network spanning Capitol Hill and the Federal agencies, and the know-how to achieve results, VSA is the first choice for organizations needing assistance in Washington.


Washington, DC has seen significant changes in advocacy in recent years. Today’s business and political climate is challenging and uncertain. The need to understand and navigate the federal landscape is greater than ever before. Securing federal funding and affecting policy through legislative and regulatory action requires an understanding of this new environment and an ability to work with both Congress and federal agencies.

Our accomplished team has the depth of experience to effectively advocate on your behalf. We understand the delicate balance of politics and policy in Washington and are committed to helping you maximize your efficiency and achieve your objectives. VSA’s talented pool of policy experts has significant experience developing and executing tailored government affairs strategies for our clients. We can help you advance your priorities, solve complex problems, and navigate the ever-evolving world of Washington, DC.

Services Provided

Legislative and Executive Branch Solutions

VSA is a team of former Legislative and Executive Branch officials. We know how Congress and the federal agencies work, because we have experience leading and working in these offices. From drafting legislation, hearing testimony, and federal rulemaking comments to engaging Congress on your behalf to gathering votes before Committee or full House and Senate consideration to tracking and monitoring federal actions, VSA is well equipped to lead your federal advocacy efforts.

Strategic Communications

VSA understands what messages resonate with officials in Washington. We can help you develop a public relations strategy that will position your organization to deliver the right message to right people at the right time. Through effective communications framing and targeting, we can ensure that your organization’s voice is heard when government officials are making policy and funding decisions.

Coalition Building

Working in coordination with other businesses, trade associations and professional organizations can bring strength to a collective goal. Operating with a unified voice enables your organization to expand its reach and influence. VSA has significant experience in creating, expanding, and leveraging coalitions to amplify client messages in Washington.

Intelligence Gathering

In today’s political environment, a firm grasp on what is coming next is essential for any organization with federal policy goals. Whether it’s monitoring federal agencies for potential rulemakings or understanding the goals of Congressional Leadership and Committee Chairs or firmly grasping House and Senate procedure, you need a federal advocate who can help your organization plan for the future.

"We work tirelessly to position our clients to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time."

Stu Van Scoyoc, President & CEO


Founded in 1990 by H. Stewart “Stu” Van Scoyoc, with three employees, VSA has grown to over 60 employees representing nearly 200 clients. Our diverse client base has included Fortune 500 companies, cities and small towns, colleges and major research universities, small businesses, foreign governments, charitable organizations, trade associations, and coalitions both large and small.

Early on, VSA – unlike most DC firms – made the decision not to hire former members of Congress, choosing instead to focus on the long-game in Washington by putting an emphasis on assembling a deep and talented bipartisan team of policy experts. By choosing to hire only the most qualified and senior staffers, our team can offer all of the expertise and relationships of a former member of Congress, coupled with a staffer’s approach and commitment to client work. We set out to build a firm of work horses not show horses – and we have succeeded in doing just that.

VSA Vice Presidents and staff have hundreds of years of combined experience working with Congress, the White House, Executive Branch agencies and the media. They work hard to maintain and further cultivate these long standing relationships.


"Despite a relatively low profile, [VSA] became one of Washington’s top lobbying firms."

The Washington Post

"Van Scoyoc Associates built a business by helping a long list of clients — many of them closer to Main Street than Wall Street — get what they wanted ... as legislation moved through Congress."

While growing into one of the most successful firms in DC, VSA has never forgotten where we started and the original secret to our success, which is why our clients continue to get the personal attention of a small, entrepreneurial company. We always assign specific principals and staff to each client to ensure direct lines of communication and accountability. At the same time, every VSA client is able to rely on the wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts of the entire firm in order to achieve their goals.

From the start, VSA has carefully kept a bipartisan balance. That commitment makes VSA unusually effective today, when Washington is more polarized than ever. Republicans and Democrats in roughly equal numbers make up the VSA staff.

In today’s political atmosphere, a company offering Washington representation must be above reproach. Van Scoyoc Associates represents each of our clients in a dignified and ethical manner. We strictly abide by the provisions the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) of 2007 and with all other regulations, including prohibitions on gifts, meals, and travel for elected officials and staff.