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Community Service

Proudly embedded in the firm’s core since 1991, VSA has made it a priority to actively promote and encourage charitable giving and community service. Stu Van Scoyoc fosters a spirit of engagement, supporting causes close to his heart, as well as causes championed by VSA staff and clients, leading by example and showing VSA Cares!

2020 Annual Charity


August 2020

Tintilou Needs You is a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying much-needed assistance to the people of Tintilou, a small village in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The organization is led by our firm-wide friend, Jean Kabré, who is a native of Tintilou. VSA is blessed to have met Jean at our former office building, where Jean serves as the concierge and event planner. Our 15+ year relationship with Jene continues today. VSA is fortunate to have had the opportunity to support Tintilou Needs You over the years and witness Tintilou's continued growth and accomplishments. Support ranges from providing food, education, medical, and transportation assistance to larger projects like building long-term infrastructure.

In the midst of the pandemic, Jean was able to take his yearly trip in September to West Africa to facilitate and implement the various projects. Upon Jean's return to the States, he shared an update on the progress happening in Tintilou.

A message from Jean Kabré ...

This year we took a break from building houses so the main project this year was water. It hasn’t been raining much for the last five years, so access to water was very, very challenging for the villagers. So far, two water towers powered by solar systems are up in two villages and ready to serve and bless many. I made arrangements with a plumber in the city who will be helping the villagers with hoses/pipes and others for the irrigation system. By the month of March when every hand dogged wells dry out, the villagers will still have water for drinking, cooking and bathing, and will also be able to use the irrigation system to grow crops to sell in the market place and also feed their family…no more walking miles away for the hunt for water. They are very, very, very thankful and grateful for your kind and generous hearts.

Another Volonta Pump type well will be drilled this week in another side of the village where people (mainly elderly people and children) are struggling for water. We couldn’t get it done while I was there because the dirt road to that area was very muddy and wasn’t ready for a heavy truck to drive through to access that location.

Thank you so very much for your support on making this happen to all these people I left behind. It’s amazing what is happening for these people. What took place is going to be a life changer for the very best.

2020 Tintilou Water Project:

2020 Trip Faces and Images:

Along with the wells …

  • We were able to invest in about 90 students (elementary & college) back to school and helped with school supplies as their parent couldn’t.
  • We were able to help 7 young ladies with funds to start small businesses to help their families.
  • We assisted the widow (family of 6) we built a three bedrooms house for last year with 5 beds and mattresses…their first ever beds.
  • Distributed refurbished computers and cell phones to colleges kids,...etc.… Provided Medical Assistance but not COVID related.
  • Food assistance as the harvest last year wasn’t much because of the lack of rain.

    So overall it was an amazing and a very productive and rewarding trip…a lot of people have been blessed. Thank you sooooo very much again for your support on making this possible. I greatly, greatly appreciated and from the bottom of my heart, on the behalf of an entire village, I thank you.

    DONATE: Click on the DONATE page in the upper right hand corner at
    : VSC is very pleased to announce that our August fundraiser was a success. A total of $4,000 was raised by our VSC staff and the firm match. Thank you VSC!


    May 2020:
    In response to COVID-19, VSC Community Service was tasked to find a charity that is currently giving back to those in need. Our focus was to find out what is happening to those DC children who have lost their main food line, the meals they formerly received during the school day. Since the onset of the pandemic, DC Central Kitchen has been actively addressing the overwhelming increased need for services during the COVID-19 crisis, with a laser focus on DC’s most underserved neighborhoods. They need OUR help as their normal fundraising activities have been scaled back and volunteering placed on a pause. Completely relying on their full-time staff, 200 dedicated employees who are the true front-line heroes -- we can confidently say DC Central Kitchen is truly doing more with less.

    VSC Fundraising Campaign:
    VSC CARES♥Thank you DC Central Kitchen

    VSC is very proud to announce that our week long fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to the staff at VSC who jointly raised $11,540. These funds will go directly to D.C. Central Kitchen's COVID-19 Response Efforts.

    DC Central Kitchen COVID-19 Daily Impact:

    Employee & Extended Family Spotlight

    Ilan Sivana Hamond

    Ilan and Sivana Hamond

    Jeff Hamond, Vice President and proud parent of twins, Ilan and Sivana Hamond who have chosen to remain active in their community during the pandemic by providing free online tutoring services. Check out their story and recent press at WJLA and Popville. For information on tutoring services please contact them at

    2019 Annual Charity


    The winner of the 2019 VSC Annual Charity is the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Founded in 1999, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) is dedicated to fighting the world’s toughest cancer. In our urgent mission to save lives, we attack pancreatic cancer on all fronts: research, clinical initiatives, patient services and advocacy.

    VSC staff, family and friends would like to rally behind Team LaTourette (Jennifer, Emma & Henry) and show their love and support by participating in PURPLESTRIDE, a walk in Washington, DC on June 8, 2019.

    Jennifer LaTourette ... "On August 3, 2016 our loving dad and husband, Steve LaTourette, lost his 2-year battle against pancreatic cancer. Steve is missed deeply by his family, friends and colleagues. On June 8th, Team LaTourette will walk at PURPLESTRIDE in Washington DC in his memory, and we hope you will consider joining or supporting us."

    Join 2019 PURPLESTRIDE, for more information click here TEAM LATOURETTE/PURPLE STRIDE. Please add "VSA" in your personal note, as the firm will match such designated contributions.

    2018 Annual Charity


    VSA has the privilege of being a Build Team in a special collaboration between Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia and Mr. Benton, an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr. Benton suffered a devastating home fire that left him without the resources to make repairs. He reached out to Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia with an offer -- he would donate part of his land to build a home for a family in need, if in turn they could provide him a similar lifeline, a new home -- House #1.

    Habitat for Humanity Northern Virginia will place an immigrant family from Uzbekistan, a family of four, in House #2. Currently the parents and children, ages 17 and 11, are living in a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. The kids sleep in a bunk bed located in the dining room. The father is a dishwasher, and when he comes home from work at 1-2am every night, he unavoidably wakes the children, as there is no privacy in the apartments. The two new homes home will each be 1600 sqft with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    VSC employees had set the fundraising goal at $4,500 and are proud to have successfully raised $4,750!

    A huge shout out to our VSC staff, family, friends, and associates for supporting our fundraising efforts for H4H NOVA.

    We thank you for your generosity!

    2019 UPDATE: Donora Drive Home Dedication Ceremony is June 23, 2019

    Photo: VSA Build Crew October 2018 -- Bobby Moges, David Haines, Allie Dodd, Laurie Katz,
    India Allen, Sarah Herbert, Jennifer Cave, Aretha Robinson, Jeff Hamond, and Greg Van Scoyoc

    Near & Dears

    Michael W. Adcock Scholarship

    In October 2018 our firm experienced the loss of a dear colleague, Mike Adcock. A scholarship fund has been established in his memory. Mike was an advocate for higher education and loved The University of Alabama. VSA is commited to continuing Mike's legacy, and we encourage you to consider contributing to the scholarship Fund in his honor. DONTATE: Michael W. Adcock Scholarship Fund at the University of Alabama, P.O. Box 870122, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487 (or type "Adcock" into search field)

    The McShin Foundation

    A recovery resource foundation, co-founded by Carol McDaid, Principal, at Capitol Decisions, Inc., with her husband, John Shinholser in 2004. The McShin Foundation is Virginia's leading non-profit, full-service Recovery Community Organization (RCO), committed to serving individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).

    McShin aims to spread the word of recovery and educate families, communities, and government regarding SUDs as well as reduce the stigma attached to them.

    N Street Village

    N Street Village is a community of empowerment and recovery for women in Washington, DC.
    N Street Village helps homeless and low-income women achieve stability and make meaningful gains in their housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health and recovery from addiction. Stu and Pat Van Scoyoc have supported the Village for many years, making charitable donations and serving on the Honorary Board.

    Stu and Pat’s connection to N Street Village stems from their mothers’ commitment to education as a path for opportunity, particularly for women. This culminated in 2018 with the dedication of the MARJ and MAK Vocational Center, named in honor of Marjorie Ellis Van Scoyoc (MARJ) and Mary Alice Kirton (MAK), the mothers of Stu and Pat. In 2018 the Van Scoyoc family was recognized with the N Street Village Founder’s Award at their 45th Anniversary Gala.

    Stu and Pat are proud of the progress that is occurring at The MARJ and MAK Vocational Center in it's first year, as referenced on November 21, 2019 in The Washington Post article entitled "In the intimidating quest for Social Security benefits,
    N Street Village is there".

    Jefferson Middle School Academy

    Since 2017, VSA has participated in volunteer efforts and financial support for the JMSA, our neighbor across the street. In 2019, VSA has joined other partners and supported a JMSA campaign for new hoodie sweatshirts for all students. As well as a firm wide Back to School drive in August, organized by VSA's liaison with JMSA, Aretha Robinson.


    2019 NCADD Bronze Key Award
    Photo: Honesty Liller, Carol McDaid, Stu Van Scoyoc and John Shinholser

    NCADD Bronze Key Award

    On April 25, 2019, Stu Van Scoyoc was honored with the 2019 National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Bronze Key Award at the McShin Foundation’s 15th Annual Spring Awards Reception. The award, presented by Co-founders, Carol McDaid and John Shinholser, was in gratitude for his continued dedication to advocacy and support for the authentic recovery community.

    “Stu is an unsung hero of the modern recovery movement. Through his acts of generosity, Stu has made possible the work we do at McShin, serving men, women and families seeking recovery from substance use disorders,” said Carol McDaid, Co-Founder of McShin Foundation. “His commitment to these issues, both personally and professionally, aided in the passage of laws that make access to addiction treatment more available for most Americans. By allowing me to talk publicly about my own struggles and recovery from addiction in a way no other firm ever had, Stu helped reduce the shame and stigma of seeking help for this illness.”

    Learn more about the McShin Foundation
    9 Schroeder Stribling Olivia Ramsey Pat And Stu Van Scoyoc Jl

    N Street Village Founder's Award

    Marj and MAK Vocational Center

    At the 45th N Street Village Anniversary Gala, Pat and Stu Van Scoyoc accept the 2018 Founder’s Award with CEO Schroeder Stribling and N Street Village Alumna and Van Scoyoc Associates Retiree, Olivia Ramsey.

    “Our commitment to the MARJ and MAK Center started with a dream for a center for women to learn the skills to re-enter the workforce. The dream of the MARJ and MAK Center is realized. Pat and I are excited about the 300 more women who will gain skills there,” said Stu Van Scoyoc.

    Read more about the gala