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Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital Innovation

Van Scoyoc Associates’ (VSA) Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital Innovation team brings a wide breadth of experience to assist in navigating the political and regulatory hurdles in today’s interconnected world. As the frequency of cyberattacks grows, the risks and liabilities associated with the cost of cybersecurity attacks will continue to negatively impact businesses’ abilities to update their core functions.

Cybersecurity sits at the intersection of safety and security with impacts not just on data security, but also the underlying operational security of all aspects of Critical Infrastructure. The White House, Executive Branch and Congress have systemic concerns over the abilities of entities withstand a cybersecurity attack, in addition to capacity concerns for operations.

At the same time, legislative and regulatory requirements are on the rise in the US and around the world impacting global commerce. We help clients navigate the global jigsaw puzzle of requirements and help them understand their own risk and cross-sector risk. Our approach includes both legislative and regulatory matters, and we help clients ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

VSA’s focus on understanding our clients’ goals allows us to provide realistic solutions to help our clients meet these goals, and ensure they remain:

  • Connected with policymakers at the forefront of the decision-making process;
  • Attuned to the continuous developments in the space;
  • Secure from a multitude of threats posed by the extensive attack surface in an increasingly connected world;
  • Aware of and understand how to manage cross-sector cybersecurity risk; and
  • Understand Big Data, IoT, cybersecurity and privacy best practices.