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National Security

The safety, security, and combat effectiveness of U.S. and allied military forces is of the utmost importance. As Congress and the Executive Branch make and implement policy and funding decisions, it’s critical that stakeholder voices are heard.

Van Scoyoc Associates’ (VSA) brings unparalleled expertise, contemporary relationships, and a proven track record of success in support of our clients’ legislative and business development objectives. Team members have developed and secured adoption of legislation, shaped policy and investment oversight within Congressional committees, led program offices within the Executive Branch, and helped develop and validate military requirements. We worked successfully to increase funding and accelerate procurement of enabling technologies and services to enhance the safety, security, and combat effectiveness of U.S. and allied military forces. Our team comes from various backgrounds with combined national security experience in the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government, U.S. Military, and private industry.

Competency in national security cannot be learned on the fly or created in short order. It takes many years of education, interaction, oversight, and hands-on experience with government, industry, and academic entities and programs before one can truly be a subject matter expert. Our team possesses this necessary experience, credibility, and expertise within the national security community to be highly effective on our clients’ behalf.