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Jennifer LaTourette

Vice President

Jennifer LaTourette creates and manages campaigns to change the perspectives of both the public and officials in Washington, resulting in major changes in legislation, policy, and opinion. Her clients include various healthcare, transportation, municipal, corporate and nonprofit entities.

In addition to having a diverse representational and consulting practice, Jennifer oversees our Strategic Communications Practice, calling upon the skillsets of both our lobbyists and communications specialists to provide unparalleled strategic counsel.  She has worked for numerous clients to raise the profile of their companies, issues or individuals.  Jennifer is highly regarded by her current and former clients for her ability to provide effective strategic counsel and craft messaging to create the atmosphere most favorable to achieving a goal.

As a Vice President at VSA, Jennifer successfully advocates and secures funding and legislative language for her clients’ priorities and initiatives.   Over the course of her career, she has effectively represented both individual organizations and consortium projects. She served as the lead advocate for a coalition of over 100 members including large businesses, scientific organizations and academic entities dedicated to enacting a national agenda.    

"What makes Jennifer so successful is her deep understanding of the policy and the process when it comes to complex issues like healthcare reform and tax reform coupled with her years of bipartisan experience working on and off the Hill."

Congressman Pat Tiberi (R, OH-12)

Before becoming a lobbyist, Jennifer worked for Members of the House and Senate for nearly a decade.  She has a wealth of experience covering issues for both Republican and Democratic Members of Congress.  Jennifer served as a Chief of Staff and associate staff for senior members of the House, including Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH). In this capacity, Jennifer was responsible for advising on all legislative issues, managing press operations, and working directly with a number of federal agencies.  She began her career in the office of former Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) when he was Ranking Member of the EPW Committee and later Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  When working for Rep. Robert Borski (D-PA), she represented him on the conference committee for a landmark piece of comprehensive legislation.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College and her Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University Law Center.