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Securing Federal Reimbursement for a Local Government

The Challenge:

A local government turned to Van Scoyoc Associates to help the City receive millions of dollars of reimbursement from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Story:

Before hiring VSA, a City spent seven years trying unsuccessfully to get the Army Corps of Engineers to reimburse the City for costs related to the construction of an Arsenic Treatment Facility.  While the City had an agreement with the Corps for reimbursement, year after year the Corps indicated there were no funds available.

Van Scoyoc Associates quickly developed a strategic plan with numerous complementary steps to create visibility and action on this issue.  Using our connections, we helped City officials engage with the appropriate officials at all levels of the Corps, as well as with their local Congressional delegation and Committee staff to raise priority and awareness of the issue.  Through this engagement, it became clear what some of the roadblocks were.  Working with the Congressional delegation, VSA was able to help develop appropriations report language that provided guidance to the Corps to prioritize reimbursement for projects like the City’s.

The Outcome:

To date, the City received reimbursement in the amount of $2.6 million.  VSA is continuing to help the City pursue the balance of what it is owed. 

"For five years the City of Rio Rancho did not make any significant progress obtaining millions of dollars owed to it by the federal government via a project reimbursement agreement.  A consensus was reached by City leadership that a consultant with a proven track record, expertise, and know-how when it comes to navigating the federal process was necessary in order to balance the scales in the City’s favor regarding this critical issue.  With Van Scoyoc Associates working on the City’s behalf, we saw results very quickly that would not have been possible otherwise."

                                                               - Mayor of Rio Rancho Greggory D. Hull

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