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VSA and Conrad, Inc. Join Forces To Help Critical Infrastructure Enhance Cybersecurity Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Media Contacts: Briana Florez, Conrad, Inc,
Ross Kyle, VSA,

Van Scoyoc Associates (VSA) and Conrad, Inc. are proud to announce a new joint venture to provide enhanced cyber threat and regulatory analysis services. This collaborative effort will be led by Norma Krayem, Vice President and Chair of the Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital Innovation at VSA, and Scott Algeier, Founder, CEO and President of Conrad, Inc. This partnership will provide a unique, coordinated approach to help companies address a wide range of cybersecurity challenges.

The cyber threat landscape is more complex than ever as enterprises face a myriad of diverse and constantly evolving threats. These threats range from nation states attacking U.S. companies to cyber criminals actively collaborating with one another to share advanced techniques and exploit vulnerable networks. The challenges of COVID-19, teleworking and remote operations are exacerbating this challenge. Cybersecurity risks are growing exponentially, as we have seen with the SolarWinds and Microsoft compromises. Managing vendor risks and new supply chain security threats and mandates, like DOD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) are complicated.

Public sector entities in charge of protecting water/wastewater, transportation and broader governmental assets, along with private sector companies across the sixteen critical infrastructure sectors, all need to address cybersecurity holistically. The U.S. Government and Congress are very focused on ensuring that the private sector, which owns and operates nearly 90% of all critical assets, is actively engaged in addressing cyber risk and utilizing tools to address it. Policymakers and regulators are also increasingly mandating new standards and reporting requirements.

Together, VSA and Conrad, Inc., will bring an integrated approach to help companies utilize cybersecurity analysts, identify and address cyber risk by sharing cyber threat intelligence, and understand cyber best practices across the policy and regulatory structures that exist. They will also assist companies plan ahead for the changes that are on the horizon.

“Cyberattacks have wide-reaching consequences on the health, safety and national and homeland security in the U.S. At the same time, Congress is debating new mandates and the regulators are cracking down, reinterpreting existing regulations and adding new ones. The key is to ensure that Critical Infrastructure has integrated its internal operations to best manage cyber risks and the changing policy mandates. This partnership will combine best practices to address the existing and new mandates coupled with the expertise that Scott Algeier and the cyber analysts at Conrad, Inc. bring to bear on cyber intelligence. Together, we will provide an aggregated and real-world view of what cyber risk really looks like and frame out how to address it” Krayem said.

“In some industries, a cyberattack could result in the loss of consumer data or key intellectual property. In an operational setting such as chemical manufacturing, a cybersecurity attack could cripple core operations, putting the safety of its employees and the public at risk,” says Algeier. “While many companies are increasing their cybersecurity investments, most lack the resources to cope with the growing threat, and strategic tools and partnerships can help. At the same time, companies are facing a range of existing and new legal, regulatory, and policy risks, but may not have an extensive team who can stay on top of these changes for the company and having a cyber expert like Norma Krayem to help assess that risk and provide recommendations will be invaluable.” Algeier said.

“Cybersecurity issues are the number one risk companies face now. Norma and Scott identified gaps where critical infrastructure, public and private sector entities have needs and took the initiative to help fill that gap. Clients will benefit from global policy and regulatory insights from VSA and actionable cyber threat analytics and cyber threat information sharing from Conrad, Inc. I’m excited about what we can offer clients through this partnership,” says Stu Van Scoyoc, President and CEO of VSA

The partnership between VSA and Conrad, Inc. will allow companies to better manage this diverse set of cyber risks and ensure that there is a global view of best practices and tools to address cyber risk for themselves, their vendors and supply chain.