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DC Central Kitchen

In response to COVID-19, VSC Community Service was tasked to find a charity that is currently giving back to those in need. Our focus was to find out what is happening to those DC children who have lost their main food line, the meals they formerly received during the school day. Since the onset of the pandemic, DC Central Kitchen has been actively addressing the overwhelming increased need for services during the COVID-19 crisis, with a laser focus on DC’s most underserved neighborhoods. They need OUR help as their normal fundraising activities have been scaled back and volunteering placed on a pause. Completely relying on their full-time staff, 200 dedicated employees who are the true front-line heroes -- we can confidently say DC Central Kitchen is truly doing more with less.

VSC Fundraising Campaign:
VSC CARES♥Thank you DC Central Kitchen

VSC is very proud to announce that our week long fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you to the staff at VSC who jointly raised $11,540. These funds will go directly to D.C. Central Kitchen's COVID-19 Response Efforts.

DC Central Kitchen COVID-19 Daily Impact: