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Tintilou Needs You

Our amazing staff really stepped it up this year to once again provide support to this incredible charity, led by our dear friend, Jean Kabré.

2021 Tintilou VSA Cares

VSC is pleased to announce that our June 2021 fundraiser was a success. A total of $6,385 was raised by our VSC staff and the firm match. Thank you VSC!

Jean's 2021 annual trip this summer showed promise and progress in Tintilou, and we are so proud of him as well as his efforts.

Background: Tintilou Needs You is a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying much-needed assistance to the people of Tintilou, a small village in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The organization is led by our firm-wide friend, Jean Kabré, who is a native of Tintilou. VSA is blessed to have met Jean at our former office building, where Jean serves as the concierge and event planner. VSA is fortunate to have had the opportunity to support Tintilou Needs You over the years and witness Tintilou's continued growth and accomplishments. Support ranges from providing food, education, medical, and transportation assistance to larger projects like building long-term infrastructure.

A message from Jean Kabré, August 2021 ...

Hello Dear Friends!

It’s just me to let you know that I made it back in town safe and sound.

Thank you sooo very much for the tremendous support I got from you again, allowing me to go back and bless those I left behind…and yes indeed many have been blessed.

It was a very busy trip as I had a little time trying to accomplish as much as I can, and also get other projects going while I was in the field. It wasn’t easy I won’t lie to you…it was a very exhausting one, at time a little overwhelming, but at the end, a very very rewarding trip.

Because of your kind and generous hearts, water is being made available. One of the well drilled is in a very dry area where a lot of families who fled the northern violence resettled. This well will be a blessing to many.

Four widows and one needy family will be moving into four brand new cement bricks houses replacing the collapsed or unsafe mudbricks structures by the end of November 2021.

Collapsing mud bricks structures

2021 Building Projects

Motorcycles for families in need

2021 General Pictures

Thank you for helping make the world a better place for many. May God mercy and grace continually abound in your lives and may you stay richly blessed…AMEN! As some of you were asking, donations can still be made through Tintilou Needs You Website

Again, from the bottom of my heart, on the behalf of an entire village, I thank you! THANK YOU!!

Jean Kabré